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Rogue looter-shooter Synced entering open beta

'Weaponise your enemy' in a tale of man vs machine.

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Synced, a new third person rogue-looter shooter from NExT Studios, is entering open beta on December 10th. Available on Steam upon release, sign ups are open now via the game's website.

Set after an event known as The Collapse in which the nanomachines humanity relied on rebelled against them, players will take on the role of Runners, survivors who venture into the Meridian sealed exclusion zone and combat the resulting tech-creatures known as Nanos.

The game offers both PvP and PvE gameplay, a variety of gear and character customisation options, and various kinds of enemies. In particular, the core concept of 'synchronising' with Nanos of varying classes adds an additional layer of strategic depth to loadout building. The four Nano classes are known as Crusher, Seer, Guardian and Suppressor, and having a good spread of these tailored to missions will be key to success.

Whilst progress from the open beta won't carry through into the game upon release, NExT are offering in-game rewards for beta testers, so it's well worth getting in early if this game appeals to you.


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