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ROG Spatha X

This premium mouse pushes all the right buttons.

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When it comes to gaming accessories, there isn't necessarily a "one size fits all" solution. Gaming as a whole, of course, encompasses a variety of different genres, and these demand different skills from the player, such as quick reflexes or strategic thinking. The Spatha X is a top-tier gaming mouse that doesn't look to please all gamers and instead targets itself towards a hardcore MMORPG crowd. Retailing for £149.99, it comes equipped with 12 programmable buttons, 67 hours of wireless battery life, and a lifespan of 70 million clicks.

Considering the amount of switches and flashing lights it has, the Spatha X manages to maintain quite a clean appearance. The programmable buttons are tucked away neatly and its three RGB lighting zones (one on the body, one on the scroll wheel, and one on the left side) really pop against its black exterior and can be uniquely customised in the free Armoury Crate software. You can select between a whole rainbow of colours to be displayed in each zone, and there are also pre-sets that you can select that adjust the manner they're filtered between. Another appreciated touch in this regard is that there is a button beneath the scroll wheel that can be used to cycle colours without having to open the application.

In terms of comfort, I found the mouse's ergonomic design to fit snugly in the palm of my hand. There's even a metallic groove on the left to lock your thumb in place and a slit on the right to keep your pinkie cosy. I also found the Spatha X to glide across my desk with ease due to a metallic plate that is fixed to its underbelly. Really, it just feels great to use, and it carries a premium feel that you'd expect from a product at its price point. Each click and button push carries a sense of precision and impact, and it's just satisfying to use overall.

I know weight shaming might be frowned upon (don't attack me yet), but I have to be honest and say that the biggest issue with the Spatha X is its size. At 178.5g (without its cable), it did feel like I was dragging a small boulder across my desk, and simple tasks such as opening new tabs in my browser felt cumbersome. If you're seeking a mouse to play FPS titles with, then this certainly isn't the one for you; it simply doesn't allow for the swift actions required. When playing the recent Battlefield 2042 beta, I struggled to rapidly aim my cursor during bullet exchanges, and I was barely able to leave a match with a kill to my name.

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ROG Spatha X

The mouse, however, would feel right at home in the hands of an avid MMORPG player. There are a total of 12 programmable buttons here, and six of them are positioned wonderfully right next to where your thumb rests. Obviously, with so many switches to choose between, there is plenty of flexibility, and if you're playing something like Elder Scrolls Online, for example, you could have one button dedicated to calling your mount, another for opening your map, and one for quickly crouching. Allocating these functions can be performed really simply too within the aforementioned Armoury Crate software.

Another perk to the Spatha X is that it doubles up as both a wired and a wireless mouse. In its box, it comes packaged with a charging dock, and once it's fully charged it can last up to 67 hours without the RGB lighting enabled. Due to this, I would be very impressed (and slightly concerned) if the battery life ended up draining on you during your gaming sessions. Even if it does, the wired experience is pretty great too with it featuring a robust and lengthy braided USB cable. Thankfully, this cable is also replaceable too, so you don't need to fear about £149.99 going down the drain if you were to suffer an unfortunate accident.

The Spatha X is another quality offering from the Republic Of Gamers line, but what I will say is that you need to know what you're getting before purchasing. If you're a fan of first-person shooters or other titles that demand cat-like reflexes, then this won't be the product for you due to its ample size. If your preference is single-player RPGs or action-adventure games then it could be your dream companion, but I would recommend keeping a spare handy for everyday tasks, such as messaging and web browsing.

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ROG Spatha X
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It's robust and comfortable to use, it has 12 programmable buttons, its wireless battery life is excellent.
It feels like a brick and everyday tasks can feel cumbersome.
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