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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar finally shows off gameplay for GTA V's PS5 version

The new-gen version will now be landing in March 2022 after a delay.

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We've known that Rockstar would be launching Grand Theft Auto V's new-gen version this year for some time now, but what we were yet to see is any gameplay of the title playing on the new consoles. Well, that wait is finally over as Rockstar showed off a trailer of GTA V on PS5 at the PlayStation Showcase 2021.

As you would expect, the game looks visually more impressive than it did on PS4, and far more impressive than it did on PS3, but that was about all we could take from it, because at the end of the day, it's still GTA V.

But, you might be wondering, if this is just GTA V, then why has it taken so long to get gameplay? Well, that's because the new-gen version has been delayed to March 2022. There's no mention of a date in March 2022 when the game will land, but with Tiny Tina's Wonderlands coming in late March, an early March launch does seem wise.

Grand Theft Auto V

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