Rocksmith+ will launch on PC next week

Ubisoft has decided that the music-learning subscription service is ready for launch.

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Ubisoft has decided that it is time for Rocksmith+ to make its debut on PCs around the world, as the developer has announced that the game will launch as soon as next week.

Designed as a subscription service, Rocksmith+ will be available exclusively on Windows PCs through the Ubisoft Store, and will feature a system that aims to teach people to play guitars, with an array on practice tools, and "personalised experiences at any skill level."

As for how much Rocksmith+'s subscriptions will clock in at, we're told that the game will cost £12.99 for one-month, £34.99 for three-months, and £84.99 for an annual subscription. There will be a loyalty programme for Rocksmith 2014 owners, which provides players with either a 3 or 12 month subscription depending on which level of subscription players end up paying for on Rocksmith+.

Otherwise, Ubisoft has added that the mobile edition of the game is still on its way, and will arrive later this year. There is no mention of the console editions.


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