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Rocksmith is returning with new subscription-based service

Rocksmith+ will be coming this year, and a closed beta is available for sign up for right now.

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Ubisoft has just revealed at the Ubisoft Forward showcase at E3 2021 that Rocksmith will be returning to teach a new range of players how to play guitar while gaming. Known as Rocksmith+, this new title will be a subscription-based service that will allow users to learn the string instrument at their own pace.

The system is set to be usable with only a mobile device as a speaker, which means that users can learn on both acoustic and electric guitars alike. The service is also set to feature a wide variety of genres and songs that will allow people to learn guitar unlike ever before.

The exact pricing for the service has not yet been revealed, but it has been noted that it will be coming this year, and will be usable with PC, consoles, and mobile devices. You can, however, sign up for the closed beta for Rocksmith+ on PC right now.


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