Rocket League

Rocket League launches Halloween event

It'll start next week and run until November 1.

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Halloween celebrations are slowly but steadily becoming bigger even outside of the US and in the world of video games, all major online titles make sure to acknowledge the festivities in some way.

Rocket League is no different and has now announced an event called Haunted Hallows, which starts October 19 and runs until November 1. We have a trailer to show what it has to offer and below is also the official description, and more information can be found on the official homepage.


"It's alive! Haunted Hallows brings the icons of horror to Rocket League. Hosted in the Farmstead (Spooky) Arena, the Event kicks off with a ghoulish game of Spooky Cube, switching over to Heatseeker on October 26. You'll find a ghastly slew of Horror Villain Player Anthems in the Item Shop, and unlock Challenge Rewards throughout the event—IF you can survive to claim them...

Grab your flashlight and shovel, Haunted Hallows comes alive October 19 - November 1."

Rocket League

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