Rocket League

Rocket League is getting a Mandalorian mode and new loot

Pimp your ride with Star Wars.

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Rocket League is no stranger to collaborations and it almost feels strange that it hasn't happened a long time ago already, but a collaboration with The Mandalorian has now started. This includes plenty of items you can purchase, but also a new mode called G-Force Frenzy, which is "a new 3v3 Limited Time Mode that'll see you hurtling through the air faster than an N-1 starfighter".

Below are all the new stuff you can buy for your rides, either individually or as a large package including everything - as we as a trailer showing all of this. Prices and descriptions can be found on the official homepage.

  • Fennec Car Body (Grey-Painted)

  • Bo-Katan Kryze Octane Decal

  • The Armorer Breakout Decal

  • Din Djarin Fennec Decal

  • Boba Fett Octane Decal

  • Nite Owl Wheels

  • Mythosaur Wheels

  • Mudhorn Wheels

  • Boba Fett Wheels

  • Whistling Birds Goal Explosion

  • Seismic Charge Goal Explosion

  • Din Djarin Player Banner

  • "Mandalorian" Player Title

Rocket League

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