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Roccat Noz

How about a high-quality gaming headset for around 70 quid? We've had a great time with Roccat's new lightweight contender.

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It's a trend we're happy to get behind. Instead of gaming headset that looks as if they've been designed by the people behind American Gladiators (with a bit of Michael Bay's Transformers thrown in for good measure), there has been a shift. The likes of HyperX, Cooler Master, Razer, and now Roccat have instead focus on minimalism and we're happy to see this. Forget about LED lights blinking frenetically in countless customisable RGB colours, forget about lime-green glow in the dark logos, and forget cups with some sort of futuristic hexagon design. Noz looks like a pair of old hi-fi headphones from the late 1970s. Black, no fuss, and not too big. And given how easy it is to remove the microphone they work just as well for music as for games. Cause the sure deliver when it comes to sound.

Roccat Noz

The first thing we notice, apart from the clean design, is how astoundingly light the Noz headset is. 210 gram. About the weight a medium sized bag of candy. Distributed evenly on your head and it's hard to notice you're even wearing them. The elements measure 50 mm and the cups fit snugly and are smaller than you'd expect. The inside of the cups is dressed in a soft fabric. They fit well on the head, even if this reviewer has an XXL dome between his shoulders. We've spent 4-5 working days with the Noz on and haven't experienced anything that is even remotely approaching discomfort around the ears or temples.

On the left cup, there's a volume wheel and a button to mute the microphone, something that comes in handy as you bite the dust in Apex Legends and feel the urge to let your opponents know about it. Overall the functionality and perhaps even more so the build quality of the headset impresses. We've treated the recklessly during the week and haven't been able to provoke the slightest issue with comfort or sound quality.

The sound is perhaps a bit too light for our tastes (we do like it heavy), as we tend to prefer headphones with a very warm and bass-heavy soundscape (such as the ones from Audeze, for example). The treble tends to be a bit hard at times, and it also has a tendency to sound a bit canned with live recordings, but on the whole, Noz is a really good headset for music, particularly given the price point. The perform even better in games, however. The soundscape they produce fit better with games and we also appreciate that Roccat has focused on a powerful and dynamic stereo sound here rather than the virtual surround sound almost every manufacturer puts in their headsets these days.

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Roccat Noz

What about the microphone then? It's also quite decent. Hardly the best we've used here at Gamereactor, but given the cost of the headset, there should be no doubt that this is one of the absolute bargains to be had in this product category. If you're looking for a stylish, light, uncomplicated quality headset that also doubles as headphones for music, then we cannot do anything but wholeheartedly recommend Roccat Noz.

09 Gamereactor UK
9 / 10
Minimalistic design without any unnecessary extras, Superb ergonomics, Brilliant build quality, Excellent sound with plenty of dynamics, Neat microphone.
The treble can at times come across as a bit canned.
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Roccat Noz

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How about a high-quality gaming headset for around 70 quid? We've had a great time with Roccat's new lightweight contender.

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