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Robot Champions

Robot Champions roll out on Kickstarter

The crowdfunding campaign for Prospect Games' robot battle bonanza Robot Champions is up and running.

The Manchester-based studio Prospect Games launched a crowdfunding campaign for its robot battle game Robot Champions on the 20th of August and the future of the campaign is already looking rather bright. The game, which lets up to six players battle it out using customisable robots on some really neat-looking maps was 30% funded in the span of a day and as of the time of writing this, it's sitting steady at $13,479 pledged of the $36,377 goal with 32 days to go.

The game has 12 robots to choose from and those bots can then be customised to fit your taste and the arenas are as treacherous as they are nice to look at. Robot Champions is best described as a similar to the classic TV show Robot Wars if that show had been a fast-paced, explosive, non-stop action game where the arena, as well as your opponents, wanted your bot in pieces.

Interested in the game? You can try the free demo right now on Steam, offering robot battles for up to six players. Interested enough to back the game on Kickstarter? You can find the campaign page right here.

Robot Champions
Robot Champions

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