Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. is 'surprisingly' open to coming back as Iron Man

"[He's] probably the most like-me character I've ever played," said the actor.

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After an 11-year stint as Iron Man, we all pretty much assumed that Robert Downey Jr. was done with the role. However, it seems he's got the itch to call on his trusty suit of armour once more, as he explained he's actually quite open to returning to the role.

In an interview from Variety, Jodie Foster asked Downey if he'd be open to putting the suit back on again for Tony Stark, to which the actor responded:

"It's just crazily in my DNA. Probably the most like-me character I've ever played, even though he's way cooler than I am. I've become surprisingly open-minded to the idea. Between "Nyad" and ["Night Country"] and, for me, "Oppenheimer" and then "Sympathizer," it really is crazy because we look pretty good. I was actually looking at the stills we were taking, making sure: 'Do we still look kind of OK?' I'm like, 'We look pretty good.'"

Robert Downey Jr. has since gone on to prove he is definitely more than his Marvel character, just as many other MCU mainstays have done since Endgame. However, perhaps there is more for him to explore as Tony Stark, even if it means pulling some serious shenanigans to get him back to the land of the living.

Iron Man

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