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Pokémon Go

Robert Bowling is one dedicated Pokémon Go player

The dev caught the train "to get a Kyoto-born Squirtle."

Have you recently asked yourself whether anyone is still playing Pokémon Go? Well, people surely are, and among their number, there are some well-known game developers. Robert Bowling, a man of certain Call of Duty-fame, is one such committed player, that's if his recent tweets are anything to go by.

Bowling writes about how he recently attended Toyko Game Show with the plan to "set out to capture and train three starter Pokemon to their final evolution." His "goal was simple. Be the best there ever was." He added that he wanted all Pokémon to "be Japanese" and he went and took the Shinkansen bullet train to visit Nintendo's headquarters "to get a Kyoto-born Squirtle". Now that's what you call dedication.

Whether this ongoing Pokémon Go addiction affects his work and productivity as a game developer is another story...

Pokémon Go

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