Road House

Roadhouse remake gets its first movie poster

Who thought this was a good idea?

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We have to be honest and say that we're not sure why the Patrick Swayze cult-classic Roadhouse needs a remake, but it's coming and premieres on the 21st of March on Prime Video. Now we have got the first poster from this movie, showing Jake Gyllenhaal as the protagonist Elwood Dalton, ex-UFC middleweight fighter working at a seedy roadhouse in the Florida Keys.

The first Roadhouse was released back in 1989, and is a brutal action-film with several scenes we imagine it will be hard to re-create today without altering them a lot. At least it's still produced by Joel Silver, who also produced the original. Some other confirmed actors beside Gyllenhaal are Jessica Williams, Billy Magnussen and Daniela Melchior.

Road House

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Road House

Road House

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