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Road House remake with Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed

The 80s action movie is getting the remake treatment, with Amazon funding the project.

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So it was finally confirmed. Rumours have previously been circulating about a remake of the old classic action-film Road House with Patrick Swayze and today the news came from The Hollywood Reporter. Jake Gyllenhaal will star in Amazon's upcoming remake, playing a retired UFC fighter turned doorman. The director will be Doug Liman and the script will be put together by Anthony Bagarozzi, who is also behind the comedy, The Nice Guys.

Filming begins in the Dominican Republic later this month and in addition to Jake, we'll also see Billy Magnussen and Daniela Melchior from Suicide Squad in some of the roles. Will it be able to live up to the original? Highly doubtful but Gyllenhaal is rarely bad and Amazon has the money. Fingers crossed.

Which is your favourite 80s action flick?

Road House remake with Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed

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