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Rive on the Switch is "getting close"

We don't have a date, but Two Tribes assures us it's getting there.

Rive came out on PC and PlayStation 4 back in September last year, and we've now got an update from developer Two Tribes on the Switch version of the game, which was announced at GDC in February.

"It's doing fine, thanks," the studio answered when asked about the progress in a Q&A. "We're still busy, together with our development partner Engine Software, ironing out all the little kinks that come with supporting new hardware, but Rive is already looking swell. And, yes, it runs at a silky smooth 60 frames per second."

"We wanted to leverage the Switch's built-in local multiplayer capability, and because separate Joy-Cons don't have enough buttons for the full dual-stick Rive experience, we came up with something we call Copilot Mode [in which ] you control Roughshot in his Spider Tank... together. One player moves, the other attacks. And if you die, the roles are reversed. It's a ton of fun, and you can play any and all parts of the game this way: the 6-hour campaign, highscore and speedrun missions, the super-hardcore single-credit mode, infinite battle arenas, daily challenges."

In regards to a release date, however, we've still not got that, but it's "getting close." Does this Copilot mode sound like fun?


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