Rive might miss Wii U, go straight to NX

Two Tribes explains they have a hard time achieving 60 FPS on Wii U.

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Two Tribes co-founder Collin van Ginkel explained in an interview that the game may not be coming to Wii U after all.

The game is set for a PS4 and Xbox One release in September but the team are currently struggling to get it to run at 60FPS on the Wii U, hence they may wait for the NX.

"We've added a lot of stuff since [the 2015 demo]", van Ginkel explained, "and we haven't been able to reach the performance level required yet. We won't release Rive unless it's a solid 60FPS, and if that means delaying it to a future platform, we will make that call and make sure Nintendo fans get the perfect experience".

He also explained that it may be a wiser business decision to switch to the NX as well. "Do you release a game on a platform in its last days or on a new one that's better suited and can reach gamers for years to come?"

Van Ginkel said the decision is a difficult one still, though. "We've made games for Nintendo platforms since 2001 and we'd hate for Rive not to be in Nintendo gamers' hands in some way. It pains us to have to bring this news, but we just can't release a game that's not perfectly playable. We've seen other shoot 'em ups deliver less than stellar framerates recently and it just kills the experience completely".


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