Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 roadmap outlines content until spring 2020

The first content update is on the way, and developer Hopoo Games has updated fans on what's coming and the issues identified.

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While Gearbox was busy revealing all things Borderlands at PAX East not too long ago, we also found out that Gearbox Publishing had launched Hopoo Games' Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Early Access, and now we have a roadmap from the studio which outlines everything coming to the game in the months ahead, all the way up to spring 2020:

Risk of Rain 2

The team goes into more detail in their community update, which clarifies that the features of the roadmap will be detailed as they get closer to release. What's more is that the studio is also working on adding official localisation in the next patch after seeing community localisation efforts.

In the post we also get word on issues that the team has identified, like stuttering when picking items up for the first time and the Gilded Coast being "unclear and unrewarding to most players".

As for what they're working on, the first content update is coming, and there's an update to the Director on the way as well, to make sure monsters don't stop spawning when late into the game. The studio is also working to prevent monsters and bosses from spawning behind closed gates, improve pinging issues, and more.

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