Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is set to arrive soon on Stadia

It will come with a new timed exclusive stage, Sundered Grove.

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Risk of Rain 2 will finally arrive on Google's game streaming platform, Stadia, as announced by developer Hopoo Games and publisher Gearbox Publishing. You access the game with one-click play across compatible laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets. However, the exact date of the launch is still unknown, with "soon" being the only description. We assume it will be available as late as the holiday season.

Not only that, but there will also be a new stage called the Sundered Grove, a map full of ancient flora that "has risen up to reclaim this once sacred refuge." This stage will be an option besides Abyssal Depths and Siren's Call as a fourth stage.

The game and the new content will be available on the Stadia store for $24.99. Check out the Stadia trailer below:


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