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Rising Storm studio announces Cold War shooter '83

Antimatter Games has unveiled its latest shooter, a game that puts a spin on historical events.

Antimatter Games' last two titles, both in the Rising Storm series published by Tripwire, were excellent large-scale historical shooters for PC, and now the studio is looking to replicate that formula once again, although this time the team is doing so with a twist that should spice things up considerably.

In the studio's new game, which is simply called '83, once again the emphasis is going to be on 80-player matches that play out on extensive maps, but this time the action is going to take place in an alternate reality where the Cold War warmed up somewhat. Playing as one of two factions, NATO and the Warsaw Pact, players will battle with era-specific units on huge battlefields.

More interesting is how Antimatter intends to use the losses and victories that take place on the field of play and turn that into some sort of meta-narrative using so-called "big data" that will even impact the content made for game post-launch. Consider us intrigued.

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