Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin's sales are surpassing those of Nioh

Koei Tecmo revealed that the open-world RPG has done better than expected.

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The 22nd of March, probably one of the biggest days of the year when it came to game releases, but despite the efforts of Rise of the Ronin, it seemed that Dragon's Dogma 2 stole all the limelight.

However, in a new presentation from publisher Koei Tecmo, it seems that Team Ninja's latest action-RPG has done better than expected. There were ideas that the game hadn't sold well, but apparently it's doing even better than the Nioh games, despite being a PS5 exclusive.

Koei Tecmo is reportedly looking at Rise of the Ronin as a top priority and still has hope it'll reach the sales target of 5 million units. So, if you're a fan of Rise of the Ronin, you can rest easy knowing it doesn't seem like a flop.

Rise of the Ronin

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