Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin developers reveal Ghost of Tsushima influences

It probably surprises no one that two action-oriented open world games set in historical Japan have some similarities.

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Team Ninja's Rise of the Ronin releases later this week, and it marks a big step forward for the studio. It takes us to Japan in the 1800s, where tensions are high as the country can no longer isolate itself from the rest of the world, and the people wish to take power from the Shogunate.

In a recent interview with Automaton, development producer and director Fumihiko Yasuda was asked whether there were any similarities between Rise of the Ronin and Ghost of Tsushima. "Rise of the Ronin is our first open world game, and Ghost of Tsushima was one of the games we used as reference, and I personally enjoyed it," he said.

"I felt inspired by the fact that a game set in Japan had been researched to such an extent by the developers, and had also received high praise for aspects such as its combat system. At the same time, I wondered why we couldn't release a game like Ghost of Tsushima back then. Ghost of Tsushima served as good encouragement for creating Rise of the Ronin."

It makes sense that the two would share some similarities. In our preview, we likened Rise of the Ronin to multiple other games and franchises as well, as it seems to take lots of bits from popular titles to create an entirely new experience.

Rise of the Ronin

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