Riot plans to expand into live action TV and movies with new job postings

One of the job postings mentions a "League of Legends cinematic universe".

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A couple of job postings have popped up for Riot Games, both of which are tailored around live action TV and cinema roles. The positions, called the "Global Head of Live Action TV" and the "Global Head of Live Action Film" are seemingly parts of the developer/publisher's plans to expand its IPs into another form of entertainment.

Riot has been looking to build on its universes even further these past few years, by working with other developers to create spinoff games, such as the Airship syndicate-developed Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, as well as its many fictional bands, i.e. K/DA and Pentakill. But, these roles state that Riot is also looking to create a League of Legends cinematic universe, as the head of film position states, "You will lead the film creative development team and all work related to the development of feature films for the League of Legends cinematic universe and new franchises."

The head of TV posting states pretty much the exact same thing (bar the mention of film), which means that sometime down the line, we should be getting some live action League of Legends media that accompanies and accentuates the game. Assuming all of this does occur, who would you like to see casted to play your favourite Legends if the cinematic universe does happen?

Riot plans to expand into live action TV and movies with new job postings

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