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League of Legends

Riot isn't increasing the age requirement for competing in the LEC

The previous information was related to an old version of an article.

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There has been a bit of a storm in the LEC as of late as Riot Games was thought to have increased the age requirement for competing in the European League of Legends scene. This came in a blog post from the developer, making it seem all the more legitimate and real, however, it has now been confirmed by Maximilian Peter Schmidt, director of LoL EMEA esports, that this won't be the case... at least in 2023.

As stated over Twitter, Schmidt states: "Hey everyone, Zilean published an old version of this article unfortunately. The age requirement for the 2023 Season will remain at 17. We are looking to get the article updated. Sorry for the mishap!"

This doesn't mean that the LEC won't be raising its minimum age requirement in the future however, as a follow up tweet from Schmidt does add, "We have been evaluating the option to raise the age requirement as we had no underage players recently, it unlocks potential future sponsorships and we strongly believe in our ERLs & EM as the foundation of our ecosystem, but have decided against it for the time being."

Do you think raising the required age will be beneficial for the LEC or not?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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