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Riot is testing an in-game Valorant tournament platform

It's called Premier and will be arriving in an Alpha state next week.

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Riot Games has announced a new in-game platform for Valorant that will provide the most elite players with a method to compete against like minded individuals beyond the Ranked ladder. This platform, known as Premier, will be a step below actual competitive professional play, and will instead allow individuals to team up with friends and other players to compete in an array of scheduled weekly matches.

The platform is currently in its Alpha stage and will be tested by a select batch of players starting next week. We're told in a blog post that this will include around 60% of the total planned features and functions, and that more will be added and even iterated on as the testing phase continues, and ahead the mode actually arriving in the live game client in the future.

It will be players in Brazil that get first crack at the Alpha, which will include team creation systems, a scoring system, and even a season of play that will conclude with the region's best teams competing for the title of Division Champion.

There is no timeline currently on when Riot intends to bring Premier to the rest of the world.


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