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Riot gets $10 million in League of Legends scripting lawsuit

LeagueSharp effectively shut down after the court settles in favour of Riot.

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LeagueSharp, a League of Legends scripting site that has been making thousands of dollars a month for its creators over an extended period of time, has been shut down after a lengthy lawsuit initiated by Riot Games.

As part of the in-court settlement Riot was awarded a $10 million payout, as well as control of the LeagueSharp website, effectively shutting down a subscription hacking service that gave players an unfair advantage. It did so using scripts and hacks to manipulate the game, letting players execute complicated moves with unnatural ease.

Way back in August of 2016 Riot filed a complaint against LeagueSharp and its three German founders, as well as a Peru-based shell company that the trio had created to throw Riot off their scent.

The complaint stated that LeagueSharp violated League's DMCA, as the scripts and cheats avoid Riot's anti-cheating software. Riot also claimed that LeagueSharp "attacked" their servers and leaked information about one of their employees.

Players subscribed to LeagueSharp paid $15 a month for the service. Subscribers could also pay $50 a month for a "botteling service", which allows players to "automate multiple accounts simultaneously".

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Photo: Riot Games

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