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Riot Games to lay off 11% of its staff

Around 530 employees are set to lose their jobs.

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It's never fun writing about this stuff, and yet it seems the trend simply continues of games companies laying off their workers. Now, Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends and Valorant, has stated that it is going to be laying off around 11% of its employee base.

"Today, I'm sharing a decision we hoped we would never have to make at Riot. We're changing some of the bets we've made and shifting how we work across the company to create focus and move us toward a more sustainable future," begins a statement from CEO Dylan Jadeja. "This decision means we're eliminating about 530 roles globally, which represents around 11% of our workforce, with the biggest impact to teams outside of core development. This also sadly means we'll be saying goodbye to many talented colleagues and friends across all areas of Riot."

Jadeja goes onto explain that since 2019, Riot has made a series of "big bets," including bringing in a lot of people and trying a lot of different things. Not all of these bets are paying off, and costs are becoming unsustainably high. It's a story we've heard before, from different companies all throughout last year.

Riot have been up front in the way they're telling employees who have been let go, and there are measures in place that have been put in to ensure that it's less of a damaging cut, but even still it will be a big blow for those losing their jobs. With the gaming industry continuing to see thousands of layoffs, we're hoping things can look brighter soon.

League of Legends

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