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League of Legends

Riot Games nerfing control mages in League of Legends

This comes as part of "changes for the long-term health of the game".

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Riot Games recently held an Assassins AMA on Reddit and in it they revealed that the control mages will be seeing some major changes, namely that they would be nerfed.

"I definitely feel that control mages are a bit too strong right now [...] we should be making changes for the long-term health of the game," user Reav3 posted when asked about why players would pick assassins over burst mages.

"Mobility and Target Selection is much better on Assassins so if you want that you would probably play a Assassin over a burst mage," they continued. "While a burst mage can reliably delete someone they have a much harder time getting into range to do that. If a Assassin wants to get to someone then they usually can. Most of the burst/control mages also have less mobility and can't escape as well"

GreaterBelugaWhale added to the discussion, saying: "A major goal was allowing opponents to understand why they are dying and what they could do otherwise to avoid a repeat fate. When a champion is capable of jumping on you and killing you instantly, this is a much more difficult task than when the champion is at 700 range not only from gameplay reasons, but also psychological reasons."

"I think if you actually pay attention, you'll notice we took two different approaches here: Kat and Rengar have higher burst than they did before (Sinister Steel had a 25% AP ratio -> Dagger pickups have a 100% AP ratio), but more restrictions on how they can gap-close, while LB and Talon have fewer restrictions on how they gap-close (LB can effectively misdirect or cause moments of hesitation that allow her to get the jump), but traded in their ability to instantly burst."

What do you make of these changes, and how has Riot Games changed the performances of assassins and burst mages?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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