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League of Legends

Riot Games launches Australian high school esports program

Designed to deliver key lessons to students.

League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced a new partnership with High School Esports League (HSEL) and South Australia's Commissioner for Children and Young People in order to develop a high school esports program in the region, designed to engage directly with young people and deliver lessons like respectful digital relationships, as well as teach parents more about the field.

"Gaming is very important to many young people, and if we make the effort to understand what young people are playing and encourage a healthy relationship with gaming, we will see its benefits too," Helen Connolly, South Australia's Commissioner for Children and Young People, told Cybersmile.

This seems like a learning process for both the students and the involved parties, and should hopefully help both sides communicate a little better. This is far from the first time esports has interacted with students at a high-school level though, as this is happening all over the world, especially in the USA, as well as college-level too.

Is this a good idea in your eyes?

League of Legends

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