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League of Legends

Riot Games give an update on LoL's Practice Tool

"It makes sense that there be a place where you can go to shoot hoops."

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After great demand from fans, Riot Games eventually announced that they were working on a practice tool for League of Legends back in October of 2016, and now they've given a bit more detail on what fans can expect from the practice features.

The update is divided into sections, like a Q&A about the new feature, and the first is regarding what exactly it is. "At its core, Practice Tool is a place where you can train your mechanics," Riot writes. "It's the training gym where you can go to brush up on your Lv1 last hitting, that early jungle gank route or your Riven mechanics. A simple, straight forward, single-player environment that lets you test out things like checking wall flash points or if you can solo dragon with a certain item build, without wasting hours in Custom Games. As League gains more and more similarities to a sport, it makes sense that there be a place where you can go to shoot hoops!"

In terms of who it's for, Riot insists it's for everyone, whether pros want to hone their skills to perfection or newbies want to get to grips with the basics. In regards to commands though, the following will be available, allowing players to practice all manner of scenarios:

"Player commands:
- Auto-refresh cooldowns
- Auto-refresh HP
- Auto-refresh mana (energy, rage, etc)
- Add gold
- Level up
- Lock level (locks your current EXP level)
- Teleport to target
- Revive

Game state commands
- Enable/Disable turrets invulnerable
- Disable/enable turret fire
- Disable/enable minions
- Fast forward game time 30sec
- Reset game
- Spawn enemy target dummy
- Spawn allied target dummy
- Remove all spawned target dummies

Jungle commands
- Respawn jungle
- Spawn Dragon (can choose)"

The post also says that development for the Practice Tool has been different than most other things, as they want a bare-bones version working ASAP rather than waiting for a more polished product, hence they recognise that there may be things they miss. Player feedback will therefore be incredibly important for helping the feature update.

Is this a feature you've been wanting?

League of Legends

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