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League of Legends

Riot Games changes regulation on LoL esports jerseys

Sponsors can appear more prominently on the front now.

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League of Legends developer Riot Games isn't shy about changing the rules of the game's esports scene every now and then, and recently they've announced a few new tweaks, one of which is an adjustment to jerseys and where sponsors can appear on these jerseys.

Basically, new jersey regulations have been put in place as of the start of the EU League of Legend Championship Series Summer Split. In the past it was required to reserve the space on the front of the chests for the team logos (or at least the most prominent space), designed to ensure teams get the most exposure, but Riot has since conducted market analysis on logo placement and sponsor visibility, as well as talked with teams about the rule.

As a result of this, the change has ben made to allow team sponsors to feature on the front area of jerseys moving forward, and "it's our hope that this change will provide teams with substantial and lucrative new revenue opportunities, and help them, as well as the League, on our road towards sustainability."

Do you notice the details on player jerseys?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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