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Riot Games accused of "bro culture" and sexism

Kotaku publishes alarming exposé on Riot Games' company culture.

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With the success of League of Legends Riot Games is not only one making a lot of money it's also grown into a massive organisation employing 2,500 game developers and administrative staff. A feature over on Kotaku now details some alarming accounts of the company culture, where it would seem that women, in particular, suffered from the effects of "bro culture" in a company where your gaming merits are seen as more important than your professional merits.

The story offers some rather disturbing accounts of sexism, such as pictures of male genitalia sent to both male and female employees, email chains detailing which female employee various men would like to sleep with, and some more general cases of sexism. In particular, the Kotaku feature goes into the sort of questions that are asked during job interviews and how character traits of male and female applicants are described.

It should be noted that while Kotaku has accounts of 28 current and former employees, there are also voices who don't agree with the description of Riot Games, but clearly, there seem to be some issues they need to take care of, and plenty of fingers are being pointed at co-founder Mark Merrill.

League of Legends

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