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Riot bans Vasilii following "threats of physical violence"

He'll be banned until 2020.

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Back at the end of October we reported that League of Legends player Li 'Vasilii' Wei Jun has been suspended by Riot Games after an investigation into a domestic abuse incident was launched, and now Riot Games has released a full report revealing that the player will be banned until 2020.

"We have questioned both Vasilii and his girlfriend separately, both remotely and in person," Riot's statement reads. "Both of them denied that Vasilii physically assaulted her, and there is no conclusive evidence to the contrary. Although the investigation results don't show proof that Vasilii physically assaulted his girlfriend, he made credible threats of physical violence and death threats toward a defenseless person in a private home that were intimidating enough for her to call the police. This is unacceptable."

Riot Games goes on to say that his behaviour is "beyond the worst kinds of extreme misconduct that we originally had in mind when we devised the Global Penalty Index," and that while threats towards another player would warrant a 10-month ban, this deserves a harsher penalty.

Vasilii will therefore be received a 20 competitive month ban, nd since competitive months are January to October, he'll be banned until the first split of 2020 in January. This was probably motivated by violent tendencies Vasilii has shown on-stage before.

"When we looked closer at individual cases like this, we realised that the Extreme Misconduct category of the Global Penalty Index has a wide range of offenses that would fall under it," Riot concludes. "The current limitation of 10 months would not be appropriate for cases such as actual domestic abuse, which would warrant an Indefinite Suspension. To account for these kinds of cases and the wide range of offenses that could be considered extreme misconduct, effective immediately we are adjusting the Maximum Suspension Time for Extreme Misconduct to "Indefinite" to account for the most extreme acts of misconduct."

Do you approve of how Riot handled the situation?

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