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League of Legends

Riot Apologises After Fan Backlash Over New League of Legends Trailer

People weren't happy with the new intro cinematic for 2023's season.

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League of Legends' creator Riot Games has apologised to its fanbase following the release of its Season 2023 cinematic The Brink of Infinity.

On its Twitter page, Riot posted a five-tweet thread about how it understands these cinematics - which release yearly to herald in a new League of Legends season - are important to the fanbase. While Riot didn't explicitly say sorry, it did recognise that it had "missed the mark" this time around.

Riot also stated that there had been "unforeseen circumstances" that had led to this year's cinematic not living up to expectations. It seems especially disappointing after the success of 2022's cinematic.

Even with this lengthy statement from Riot, fans still aren't convinced that the company has their best interests at heart. A lack of interesting skins for less popular characters and less content are two other reasons people aren't exactly happy with League right now, but here's hoping this is just a bad start to a better year.

League of Legends

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