Teamfight Tactics

Riot announces Teamfight Tactics Fates: Festival of Beasts

The new update is making a range of gameplay changes, alongside bringing a bunch of new content to explore.

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Riot Games has announced the latest mid-set update for Teamfight Tactics today as the Festival of Beasts. Set to kick-off on January 20, this new update is slated to bring new traits, champions, personalisation features, a new pass, and a new ranked season.

When the update lands, you can expect to find:
Festival of the Beasts Pass and Festival of the Beasts Pass+ (Free and Paid progression-based features that allow players to unlock personalization content as they play).
Thematic interactive arenas that react to the events of your game.
Festive Booms (Personalized Damage Animations).
A new line of revel-themed Little Legends (Personalized Player Avatars).
Ranked Rewards for players from the first half of Fates.
A new Ranked season with a soft reset and new rewards.

Alongside all of this, several new gameplay changes are to be introduced, including 6 removed traits, 7 new traits added including the Slayer, Fable, Dragonsoul, Executioner, Syphoner, 19 Champions are to be removed with 20 new ones taking their places, as well Samira and Trydamnere making their first appearances in the title.

Essentially, there is a lot to look out for in the Fates: Festival of Beasts update, but to get a glimpse into a few new areas coming, be sure to check out the images below.

Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight TacticsTeamfight TacticsTeamfight Tactics
Teamfight TacticsTeamfight Tactics

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