Rime's Paul Rubio cried for two days over online comments

"If I had read Neogaf at the time the game probably wouldn't exist."

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As reported by Nintendo Today, Rime's creative director Paul Rubio has revealed to Edge magazine how online criticism for the game has affected him, and it serves as an eye-opener for the effects of online comments.

Talking about the backlash around the game regarding the trailer being all cinematic and without gameplay, Rubio said: "If I had read Neogaf at the time the game probably wouldn't exist. I spent some time six months ago going through two-and-a-half years of comments on Neogaf, and I was literally crying for two days. Partly because I just don't understand the cruelty, but more importantly because I could see those years over those two days, and I began to understand that maybe people can love something so much that they can hate it."

Do you think people can sometimes go too far online?


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