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Rime releases today alongside a brand new launch trailer

Switch owners will get it at a later date.

Grey Box, Six Foot, and Tequila Works have released their game Rime today both physically and digitally for a recommended price of £29.99, and to go alongside this release is a brand new launch trailer for the game.

"We're deeply thankful for everyone who believed in this day - our loyal fans, our partners at Grey Box and Six Foot, and the incredibly talented team here at Tequila Works," said Tequila Works CEO and creative director Raúl Rubio Munárriz. "Your patience, passion and faith gave us the strength and support to see this story through to the end. We look forward to all the new adventures that begin today."

"Rime is a game that will add to the budding influence of the Grey Box brand," says Christian Svensson, COO at Six Foot. "Rime's beauty and power, we believe, will leave an enduring mark on all who embark upon this touching journey."

Those of you waiting for the game on the Nintendo Switch can expect the game on the platform later this year through the Nintendo eShop, although David García Díaz's original score for the game is available to download right now.

Are you impressed by what you've seen of Rime pre-release?

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