Rime gets cheaper on the Switch eShop

Tequila Works has listened to the feedback...to some degree.

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When Tequila Works revealed that Rime will launch on May 26 (except for the Switch version that will be released this summer), they also said that the Switch version will cost more than the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions. Despite this being quite common, Switch owners made their opinions on the matter very clear. In fact, their outcry has been so bad that Tequila Works has decided to change the price... at least digitally.

They've now announced that they are lowering the price of the eShop version to be the same as on the other platforms, but unfortunately they don't want to change the price of the physical version, as that would mean they were selling it at a loss. Those of you who plan to buy it physically will get an extra goodie though, as the physical Switch version will include a code for a copy of Rime's original score.

Did you expect the higher price tag on Switch games when you bought the console or was it an unforeseen extra expense?


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