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Riders Republic

Riders Republic's third season will conclude with BMX activities

Summer Break has started in the Republic and it has brought new toys, items, and events.

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Ubisoft has officially kicked off the third season of Riders Republic. Known as Summer Break, this season will last seven weeks and is bringing new toys to unlock, in-game items to wear, activities to complete, an environmental event, and all of this before leading right into the launch of the BMX sport.

As of right now, the Republic's Project Rebirth event is live, with this asking players to discover all about what their social impact on the climate can be. It'll see Riders Ridge dressed up for the event, and will include an event that tasks players with collecting seeds to help plant trees in a deforested part of the Canyonlands.

As for the other parts of Summer Break, the new toys are The Juggernaut and The Sniper bikes, and as well as this there will be various other climate-focussed events such as the March For Climate and the Green Events.

Of course a new season also means a new pass full of cosmetics and the likes, but the really exciting part about this season is how it will lead up to the launch of the BMX sport. In a press release we're told that at the end of Summer Break, there will be an event that marks the beginning of the BMX sport add-on, and that it will be fit with weekly challenges and freestyle activities.

While you can check out Summer Break in game today, be sure to check out the trailer for the new season below.

Riders Republic

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