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Riders Republic

Riders Republic's first add-on sport will be BMX

It's going to be coming in the title's first year.

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Riders Republic has almost wrapped up its beta, after giving players three days to explore its enormous world, engage in a range of crazy events, and ski, fly, and bike to their heart's content. As part of that beta, we've been able to get hands-on with the game (you can read our thoughts over here), as well as having a chance to chat with Riders' lead game designer, Manfred Neber about what makes this sporting title so unique.

As part of that interview, we asked Neber about which sports the team at Ubisoft would've liked to bring to the Republic, and in response we were told about the next sport that will be making its way to the game.

"I love BMX, I love watching BMX competitions, I think all of the things you can do with BMX is really, really cool," said Neber. "I'm a little bit older, I can't BMX in real life, so it's purely inspirational and a fantasy for me to enjoy BMX. So, I'm super stoked because BMX is going to be our first add-on sport in year one. For me, it's like a dream come true, because I don't only have to watch it on TV, or watch BMX events, now it's going to be in the game, bringing new event types, new ways to explore, and new ways to trick."

We don't have a release date yet as to when BMX will be making its way to Riders Republic, but you can look forward to playing the full game when it lands on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series from October 28.

And as for the rest of our interview with Neber, be sure to watch it in its entirety below, where we chat about Mass Races, the world itself, and the benefits of playing on a new-gen console.

Riders Republic

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