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Ride 3 trailer shows off Extreme Customisation

We also know details on the special editions too.

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Milestone has just revealed the Extreme Customisation trailer for Ride 3, showing how motorsports fans can customise their rides in the Livery Editor, making each vehicle unique with all the options available to you.

There are over 500 mechanical and aesthetic parts to add to change the bike's behaviour in the game too, but perhaps what's most exciting is the fact that the livery can be tweaked and moulded to suit you.

The layer system lets players draw any image on the bike, and you can even share designs and download others to get extra XP and in-game credits. A filters system even lets you choose from community-designed liveries to see which ones suit you best.

Ride 3 special editions have also been announced, all of which are available from November 30. The physical and digital standard editions have just the full game, while the physical Special Edition includes the Season Pass and an exclusive Ducati Panigale V4 steelbook.

The digital Gold Edition, however, has the Season Pass, Sport Bikes Pack (including four bikes, 10 events, and three trophies/achievements), BMW R 1200 GS Pack (with the iconic bike, including five events and three trophies/achievements), and a Credits Multiplier that doubles credits after every event in any game mode.

If you pre-order digitally right now you also get the Sport Bikes Pack with the Standard Edition, while the Gold Edition gets a dynamic theme with the Ducati Panigale V4 (only on PS4) and three days early access.

Will you be pre-ordering?

Ride 3

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