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Doki Doki Literature ClubScore

Doki Doki Literature Club


"It's not necessarily the best story, but it does things we've not seen done before, and in this day and age that is definitely something to be praised."

Text: Sam Bishop
Crisis on the Planet of the ApesScore

Crisis on the Planet of the Apes

HTC Vive / Oculus Rift / PS4

"Considering how much we felt like we were immersed in the world, it was a real shame that from a mechanical perspective the game was rather frustrating."

Text: Sam Bishop
Detective PikachuScore

Detective Pikachu

Nintendo 3DS

"Taking the Pokémon franchise to strange new places, Detective Pikachu is a charming distraction that should please fans both new and old."

Text: Kieran Harris
Penny Punching PrincessScore

Penny Punching Princess

Nintendo Switch / PS Vita

"When it works, it's an exciting romp through colourful levels with a lot of variety, but when it doesn't the calculator will quickly become frustrating."

Text: Sam Bishop
Far Cry 5Score

Far Cry 5


"The end of the world may be approaching, but at least you'll have a diabetic grizzly bear named Cheeseburger as your companion."

Text: Bengt Lemne
The American DreamScore

The American Dream

HTC Vive / Oculus Rift / PS4

"It becomes rather dull rather fast as you do simple tasks again and again, and the story isn't nearly funny enough to excuse the bland experience it's providing."

Text: Sam Bishop
Sea of ThievesScore

Sea of Thieves

PC / Xbox One

"It may not be all smooth sailing, but Rare's Sea of Thieves manages to deliver a cooperative experience like nothing we've ever experienced before."

Text: Kieran Harris
A Way OutScore

A Way Out

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"A unique and engaging game that dares to do something different in an industry that's often frightened to take risks."

Text: Mike Holmes
Wolfenstein II: The Freedom ChroniclesScore

Wolfenstein II: The Freedom Chronicles

Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"When taken individually each one might feel a little underwhelming, but considered together the Freedom Chronicles feel surprisingly cohesive."

Text: Mike Holmes


"A platforming gem that shouldn't be overlooked."

Text: Kieran Harris
Beast QuestScore

Beast Quest

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"Even the most die-hard of Beast Quest readers will be quite disappointed."

Text: Roy Woodhouse
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant KingdomScore

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom


"It's not only a stunning sequel, but a downright classic RPG that both fans of the genre and fans of grand adventures will enjoy."

Text: Sam Bishop


Android / iOS / Mac / PC

"Chuchel is like a kid demanding your constant attention - charming and entertaining at first, then the novelty wears off."

Text: Suzanne Berget
Bio Inc. RedemptionScore

Bio Inc. Redemption


"Overall, Bio Inc. Redemption feels very much like a mobile game ported to PC - which in fairness is exactly what it is."

Text: Jon Newcombe
Your Royal GaynessScore

Your Royal Gayness

Mac / PC

"It's a crying shame that the story they're telling, and they way they tell it (via a lot of text and not a lot of voice acting), is so boring."

Text: Suzanne Berget
Burnout Paradise RemasteredScore

Burnout Paradise Remastered

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"It isn't the 4K marvel we perhaps hoped for, but it's still an immensely fun and chaotic racer packed full of cars, events and side activities."

Text: Graham Bellars
A.O.T. 2Score

A.O.T. 2


"It's a competent sequel that's packing all the thrills of its 2016 predecessor whilst sprinkling in a few additions of its own."

Text: Kieran Harris

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