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V-Rally 4Score

V-Rally 4


"A classic rally franchise is getting revived, but it seems to be a revival in name only."

Text: Petter Hegevall
Firewall Zero HourScore

Firewall Zero Hour


"Firewall has breached and cleared its way into the genre to make a name for itself."

Text: Sam Bishop
The King's BirdScore

The King's Bird

Mac / Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"The game looks and plays great, but outside of that it seems to offer little appeal to anyone not interested in speedrunning."

Text: Jon Calvin



"It's a spectacular adventure and way more than just another superhero game."

Text: Sam Bishop
The Golf Club 2019Score

The Golf Club 2019

PS4 / Xbox One

"We're not ready to give it the top grade just yet, but HB Studios, together with 2K Sports, are getting close."

Text: Daniel Anderson
Yakuza Kiwami 2Score

Yakuza Kiwami 2


"While this remaster doesn't really offer much in the way of surprises it does stick to the script and it should please existing fans."

Text: Markus Hirsilä
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019Score

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"This year's PES is brilliant on the ball, but there's still some work to be done behind the scenes."

Text: Mike Holmes
Strange BrigadeScore

Strange Brigade


"It's simple in essence, and that's the beauty of it, because you and your friends can focus on the shooting and the looting."

Text: Sam Bishop
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - MartyrScore

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr


"All in all, this is a pretty solid RPG, as there's a shedload of content to get your teeth into, and it's really deep in its lore."

Text: Roy Woodhouse
Guacamelee 2Score

Guacamelee 2

PC / PS4

"Although the Mexiverse doesn't reinvent anything, it didn't really need to in the first place."

Text: Stefan Briesenick
F1 2018Score

F1 2018

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"The previous version was good, while this year's game is brilliant."

Text: Petter Hegevall
Shenmue I & IIScore

Shenmue I & II


"It's a piece of video game history that's worth digging into. You'll see."

Text: Bengt Lemne
State of MindScore

State of Mind


"If you could play an Aldous Huxley novel, Daedalic Entertainment's State of Mind would be it."

Text: Roy Woodhouse
Dead CellsScore

Dead Cells

Linux / Mac / Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"Simply put, Dead Cells blew us away with its bleak world and relentless combat."

Text: Leevi Rantala
Overcooked 2Score

Overcooked 2

Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"Serving up a second helping of chaotic multiplayer goodness, Overcooked 2 delivers as a worthy successor despite being made from the same ingredients."

Text: Kieran Harris


Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"The visuals are cute, the sound effects and music decent, and the world and enemy designs are certainly very evocative of the games they're inspired by."

Text: Mike Holmes
No Man's Sky: NextScore

No Man's Sky: Next

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"Next is an undeniable achievement, pushing the two-year-old title to new heights and moulding it closer into the experience we initially hoped for."

Text: Kieran Harris
Hungry Shark WorldScore

Hungry Shark World

Android / iOS / Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One

"It doesn't deliver enough for players to sink their teeth into after the initial novelty starts wearing thin."

Text: Kieran Harris
The Banner Saga 3Score

The Banner Saga 3

Mac / Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"Choices are in focus in the final entry of the trilogy, because everything counts."

Text: Søren Svanhof
Train Sim WorldScore

Train Sim World

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"A rich and compelling experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end, if you're willing to invest the time and learn."

Text: Roy Woodhouse

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