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Virtua Tennis 2009Score

Virtua Tennis 2009

PS3 / Xbox 360

Vic takes to the court to battle Federer, Nadal, and Murray. Sharapova? The perfect doubles partner.

Text: Vic Bassey


PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

The third Ghostbusters movie was transformed into a video game. The end result truly feels like Ghostbusters.

Text: Jori Virtanen (Translation: Jyri Paavilainen)


PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

Jonas delves into the american civil war and feels damned for daring to do so.

Text: Jonas Mäki
Guitar Hero: MetallicaScore

Guitar Hero: Metallica

PS2 / PS3 / Wii / Xbox 360

Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Fade to Black, Seek & Destroy, Battery...

Text: Carl Thomas Aarum
X-Men Origins: WolverineScore

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

Gore galore as we find out how Vic's skills measure up to that of a half blind epileptic monkey...

Text: Victor Bassey
The Godfather IIScore

The Godfather II

PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

Vic has joined the family, but are there enough good times to be had in EA's video game take of the classic?

Text: Victor Bassey
Wanted: Weapons of FateScore

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

Wesley Gibson goes on a killing spree to find out what happened to his mother... It's assassin time!

Text: Bengt Lemne
Resident Evil 5Score

Resident Evil 5

PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

The dogs come out to play as Vic ventures to Kijuju for Capcom's latest entry in the Resident Evil series.

Text: Vic Bassey
Killzone 2Score

Killzone 2


Guerrilla Games are back with another gritty sci-fi shooter

Text: Bengt Lemne
Skate 2Score

Skate 2

PS3 / Xbox 360

Our latest staff member Vic has grabbed his board and taken on San Vanelona for a second time. What's his verdict?

Text: Vic Bassey
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginScore

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

Monolith Productions are back with another serving of fear.

Text: Henrik Bach Translation: Mikael Hansen



A meditative and beautiful game from the makers of flOw. Read our review and check out the video review...

Text: Bengt Lemne
Dead SpaceScore

Dead Space

PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

Something is awfully wrong aboard the USG Ishimura and Isaac Clarke is humanity last hope as he cuts through rotting flesh with mining tools.

Text: Henrik Bach
Soul Calibur IVScore

Soul Calibur IV

PS3 / Xbox 360

Namco Bandai's weapons based fighter is back for another historical tournament.

Text: Thomas Tanggaard
Fallout 3Score

Fallout 3

PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

Washington DC ain't what it used to be. Have Bethesda honoured the Fallout heritage?

Text: Bengt Lemne
Star Wars: The Force UnleashedScore

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Nintendo DS / PS2 / PS3 / PSP / Wii / Xbox 360

The biggest and best Star Wars game of all times? Not quite, but not all bad either...

Text: Bengt Lemne

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