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Ridge Racer 3DScore

Ridge Racer 3D

Nintendo 3DS

"This is a high quality package that utilises the new hardware's capabilities smartly, and gives us a Ridge Racer that is a must have for any arcade racing fan out there."

Text: Gillen McAllister
Nintendogs + CatsScore

Nintendogs + Cats

Nintendo 3DS

"You really cannot fail at anything and there are very few elements here that can even be classified as a game."

Text: Jonas Mäki (Gamereactor Sweden)
Super Street Fighter IV 3D EditionScore

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Nintendo 3DS

" probably the best early game out on Nintendo 3DS, even if it must be said that it's best enjoyed with the 3D effect turned off."

Text: Jonas Mäki (Gamereactor Sweden)
Pilotwings ResortScore

Pilotwings Resort

Nintendo 3DS

"We've seen everything before. I've hardly turned on the game, signed up for the flight school, jumped into the airplane and flown around for a bit before I'm already bored with it."

Text: Jonas Mäki (Gamereactor Sweden)

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