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Trials Rising

Trials Rising

Motorcycles, stunts, and plenty of attitude - with lots of stickers thrown in for good measure.


It's now been nearly five years since Finnish studio RedLynx treated us to a fully-fledged Trials game (not counting Trials of the Blood Dragon, of course). Therefore, starting up Trials Rising for the first time we were full of anticipation and excitement. After all, the accessible yet demanding two-wheeled series has always been great fun to take out for a spin.

Trials Rising is, in its own way, the most polished and creative version of the tried-and-tested formula. The controls and physics are probably the best we've seen in the series so far. All you need is gas, brakes, and to tilt the position of your rider on the bike. It's simple and yet it's clever, and the stages complement the simple nature of the game wonderfully. All the obstacles, slopes, and loops are there for the taking and it's just a case of managing these few variables.

There are also lots of different activities to try out. Even though the familiar stunt racing is still at the centre of the proposition, the new campaign incorporates lots of different challenges to already beaten stages via unlockable sponsors, different stunt missions, and the Trials Academy. Everything feeds into the single-player experience, which makes tackling the campaign really pleasing at first. If racing isn't the thing you're looking for at that particular moment, you can always go and try your luck at a frontflip challenge, for example, where the idea is to do a required number of flips with as few falls as possible. Anyone who's played Trials before will know that this is easier said than done.

Trials RisingTrials Rising

Unfortunately, every coin has two sides. Yes, characters are customisable with new clothes and gear that unlocks as you play. The bikes have also this quality. Wheels, fenders and even the body kits are interchangeable when new parts unlock. Or perhaps that should be "if" they unlock. Trials Rising is another victim of poor lootbox implementation. Each time your character levels up, a new lootbox comes along for you to open. And what do you find inside them? Stickers. More stickers. And even more stickers. The amount of different stickers is simply astonishing, which sadly works against their inclusion. Instead of waiting for some cool stickers to open, you start to hate them. Why is trivial stuff like this unlockable in the first place?

The gear also comes from the lootboxes. Slowwwwlllly. They can, however, also give gear that you already own. That's okay as they can be sold for the game's own currency in return. Can you buy new gear with the currency? Of course not - the gear unlocks if luck is on your side, or you choose to buy a ton of lootboxes with the in-game currency that you can get by spending real money. It doesn't help that some gear unlocks by completing specific challenges, making the lootboxes even more pointless. Therefore the main goal when levelling up your character is in unlocking the bikes, and that can be done fairly quickly.

Trials RisingTrials Rising
Trials RisingTrials RisingTrials RisingTrials Rising