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Space Hulk: Tactics

Space Hulk: Tactics

The tabletop classic has gone digital once again.


Space Hulk holds a special place in many a board gamer's heart. Set in the Warhammer 40k universe, its tile-based system set in a confined environment was a break from the more traditional free-roaming tabletop style. There have been a number of Space Hulk-themed titles over the years, even an FPS version recently, but none have quite captured the magic of the experience... until now.

Space Hulk: Tactics is a pretty faithful recreation of the experience, but that does come with a few downsides. The whole game is built around a group of elite Space Marine Terminators tasked with ridding an abandoned ship of its alien infestation. Much like the board game itself, the turn-based action is viewed from a top-down perspective. Any players of the latest Xcom games will feel very much at home. However, it comes without the open maps of Xcom and instead replaces them with a more claustrophobic environment to explore.

There's a fair bit of content for you to get your teeth stuck into. First off, there's the campaign. Here you can play as both the Space Marines and as the Tyranids. The most famous of their number is the Genestealer. Don't worry about hiding your Levi's, though, as they only seem interested in stealing your life.

In the Space Marine campaign, you're limited to following the story of the Blood Angels, with other factions like Space Wolves being available in the Skirmish and Multiplayer modes. The Terminator is a slow-moving soldier equipped with huge armour. However, this thick outer shell also means that they're very slow. Each unit only has four moves per turn, which can be spent on things like opening doors, moving, and even turning to face a different direction.

Space Hulk: Tactics

You can also put your warriors on overwatch, which you will for the majority of the time. This means that during the Tyranid turn, anything that crosses their path will be fired upon. There is a range of different units such as the psychic-powered Librarians and Heavy Terminators. It needs to be said, that compared with their opponents, they felt a little weak, and certainly more vulnerable than their armour would suggest.

These heavily-armed soldiers seemed to die all too quickly or get overwhelmed too easily by groups of enemies. They have objectives to accomplish on each level, such as activating a console, escaping an area, or aiding a fallen comrade. While there's nothing particularly original about any of these assignments, the main problem with the Space Marines was the pace of progress and the fact the narrow corridors saw you walking single file towards your objective, always on overwatch. There's a dichotomy in the sense that if you walk slowly and safely you will probably get overwhelmed, but extend yourself too far and you may well get picked off.

We had much more fun with the Tyranids. It was much more enjoyable having a range of different aliens at your disposal in order to swarm your opponents, throwing endless waves to their death until everyone was dead. During their campaign, most of the time we were tasked with slaughtering opponents or defending a certain point on the map. Along with the classic Genestealers, there was a range of enemy types such as an armour-plated variant and another that leaves a biohazard behind after death, slowing anyone who moves through it.

The Tyranids are faster than their humanoid opponents, and, in contrast with the Space Marines, they're effectively unlimited. This endless supply makes you think about how to flank the Terminators and put them out of their misery. With five of them to kill, all of them usually bunched together for safety, we typically ended up trying to build up around them and swarm.

Space Hulk: Tactics