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When the world ends it takes a time-traveller to work out how to stop the catastrophe.


Spearhead Games' Omensight is an interesting affair, as it mixes role-playing, detective work, and epic action-adventure all into one package, putting you into the shoes of the long-haired Harbinger on the very same day that the land of Urralia turns into ash. What's more is that the priestess responsible for maintaining the supernatural balance is murdered, and an evil snake capable of destroying worlds comes to wipe us all out. It's a pretty bad day all around.

Hope is not lost though, as the time-traveling Harbinger can return to the beginning of that fateful day and find out who's behind the murder of the priestess. In this way, it's possible to undo the upcoming apocalypse. That's not all though, as there's one more layer that comes in the form of the different characters that Harbinger interacts with in his quest to set things right. You'll explore their experiences, uncover their motives, and finally untangle the story around these important events.

At its best Omensight's story is really captivating, and its plot twists and difficult choices will likely make the player feel a little uneasy at times. Harbinger's friends all die as the apocalypse draws closer, so in other words, he has to care about not just the life of a priestess, but also those of his allies as well. As the story goes on the difficult decisions get harder and harder to call; Urralia's war isn't fun and seemingly cute animals are slaughtering each other without mercy. Harbinger himself uses a sword during this conflict, and let's just say that slaying cute rats during a prison rebellion isn't all that pleasant.

How you choose to unfold the story is up to you since Harbinger's allies let you learn new skills and secrets at your own pace. There's no right order when it comes to your progression, and all roads lead forward. Every day ends in the apocalypse, and after gathering new skills Harbinger travels again back in time to meet the sunrise. If you're wondering whether you'll be getting confused during all this time-hopping, don't worry as Omensight keeps a record of all that is happening (and, therefore, what has happened), which makes it easier to follow the story.


The game's adventure-like atmosphere takes a hit though because the game encourages a little too much exploration of previously inaccessible areas. These linear areas are pretty like a children's fairytale book, but they're also simple, as are the various characters on your journey (even if their personalities make up for it a little bit). The voice acting is a nice touch, but the music is bland and not very memorable, so it's a mixed bag when it comes to presentation.

Combat in Omensight is basic. With the Square button (on PS4, naturally) you deliver your standard attack, with Triangle initiating a more powerful move. Very soon after the game has started, Harbinger gets big groups of enemies running towards him and this introduces the ability to dodge with the Circle button. This slows time (complete with an eye-catching visual effect) and as a result Harbinger can take down the opposition with style, producing satisfying and devastating results.

Dodging makes the bar for special moves grow larger, which then allows you to perform even cooler moves like throwing your enemies or shooting devastating rays. You open new abilities by levelling up via skill tree so there's always extra bits and pieces to keep things fresh. We could've done without the fixed camera though, which became especially annoying during the platforming sections.

Omensight's approach to story-focused action-adventure is one we enjoyed, but it's the narrative and the choices offered to the player that really carry the game. On the other hand, the action can get repetitive after a time and the presentation is lacking in certain areas. If you can overlook those minor issues you'll have fun unravelling the story in front of you while you learn more about the doomed world and its inhabitants.

07 Gamereactor UK
7 / 10
The story is engaging, There's a flexible structure, World is stylish, Combat looks good.
A bit too much hand-holding at times, Camera is off, Music is bland, Gameplay repetitive.
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