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Fallout 4

Fallout 4 VR

Bethesda has been turning out VR games like there's no tomorrow. How does Fallout 4 shape up?


Visually the game doesn't hold up to the original game, but it's not as bad as rumours prior to release would have it. It's hardly the prettiest VR game we've played, but it is the only one to offer such a large, expansive world to explore (apart from Skyrim on PSVR, which we very much enjoyed, by the way).

That said, we did have to make a few changes manually in order to get it to look just right. Specifically, we had to turn off the temporal anti-aliasing-effect (TAA), which is supposed to make the image softer but has the side-effect of making everything incredibly blurry, to the point where it would hurt our eyes.

This brings up another issue because there are no built-in graphics settings. You heard that right, the game doesn't actually allow you to alter the visual quality without resorting to console commands or tinkering with the game's files. This is a huge omission, especially for a VR game where performance is incredibly important.

There also seems to be something wrong with the resolution. Bethesda has issued a hotfix that did alleviate this issue, but it came at the cost of performance. It would appear that they have simply upped the supersampling settings, which naturally requires more of your hardware. It's unclear if this is the final solution or a temporary fix, but for now you can lower the supersampling settings on your own, should it be a problem.

Fallout 4

It's very unfortunate to see these kinds of problems in a game like this. It would appear that Bethesda could take some notes from other VR developers in terms of how this is done, though that doesn't really excuse them - things like graphical options are something PC gamers have come to expect, and it is a shame that they have been left out of the game.

Another thing that stuck out to us is the fact that scopes don't seem to work. Indeed, if you find yourself a snazzy sniper rifle you might as well leave it at home with Dogmeat, because you can't see through its scope, making it practically impossible to hit anything other than a super mutant standing two feet away from you.

Bethesda has said that they are looking into both these issues, though given how the game already performs we have doubts that they'll be able to work it out to our satisfaction. And while it's not extremely bad, even on our computer, which passes the recommended specs with ease, we ran into frequent frame drops. A loss of frames is even more noticeable in VR, and puts even more emphasis on the lack of settings.

Fallout 4

We might sound overly negative here, but the reasons for that should be clear. When it all comes down to it, this is one of the biggest VR releases we've seen so far and content-wise it is beyond comparison. It's awesome to see a game of this magnitude show up on the VR platform, though it is a shame that it comes with as many issues as it does.

Fallout 4 VR is a wonderfully enjoyable experience when it shows its best side, but Bethesda has a laundry list of things to work out before this becomes the much-needed flagship for VR it could and should have been. Maybe when they do we'll look to bump up the score.

06 Gamereactor UK
6 / 10
The entire Fallout 4 experience in VR.
Performance issues, Wonky menu controls, No graphical settings.
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