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Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders

More than just a Minecraft clone.

  • Text: Brandon Green

When Minecraft came out it was a runaway success, it was so successful in fact that many clones popped up hoping to take advantage of its popularity. So it comes as no surprise that many people saw Dragon Quest Builders as Minecraft with a Dragon Quest skin. Thankfully it's more than just a clone, much more.

The biggest thing that sets Dragon Quest Builders apart from Minecraft is its story. The game is set in Alefgard, which was the world in the original Dragon Quest. The player is tasked with rebuilding Alefgard to its former glory after the Dragonlord took over and destroyed the world. Now we won't spoil the story as it is one of the game's strongest points and long-time Dragon Quest fans (especially those who have played the first title) will appreciate it.

The first few hours of the game are effectively a tutorial, teaching you the basic mechanics of the game; like what is needed to build a room, the effects of a kitchen, crafting, and how to defend the city. There is a lot to learn, but the first few hours are great at teaching you the essentials, even if the tutorial does hold your hand a bit too much.

Dragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest Builders

Throughout the story you will visit a number of cities and towns and have to rebuild them. As you rebuild the base (as the game calls it), people will start to arrive and become residents. The residents aren't just useless NPCs, they will give you quests to complete that will help you rebuild and progress through the story. A nice little touch is that some of the residents interact with the rooms, for example some NPCs will use the kitchen and will sometimes cook for you (and place the food in a chest in the room).

You learn how to build new items by simply picking up resources and materials that you find in the world. Building each base is highly addictive and seeing them grow gave us a heavy Dark Cloud feel, and that's no bad thing. As you build up your base you will attract the attention of that area's boss. Monsters will attack a number of times throughout each chapter, and sometimes they will drop a teleportal. The teleportals expand the play area; activate one and you will be transported to another place where there are fresh resources, materials and new enemies. Each location looks different, which keeps the game feeling fresh, as they vary from grassy meadows to deserts, via rivers of lava to icy wastelands.

Once you have rebuilt the town and completed the quests given to you by its residents, you can then take on the boss of the area. The bosses are pretty cool, you can't rush in and attack (that'd be foolhardy). Each boss requires a certain strategy to take them down and these fights are a blast. You will have to fight the boss and defend the base as well, however, you can just repair the damage done to your base after the fight.

Even though the game is clearly inspired by Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders is an RPG at its core. Your character doesn't level up, the base that you're building does. As it gets stronger so do the residents and certain quests can only be done if it's at a certain level. In order for your character to get stronger you have to craft better armour and weaponry, and to increase your health you have to use a 'Seed of Life'. The seeds are sometimes given by NPCs for completing a quest and they can also sometimes be obtained by exploring a dungeon. There's also a variety of quests, and they range from having you craft something for someone, building from a blueprint given to you by a resident, to killing a certain enemy.

Dragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest Builders