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The Town of Light

The Town of Light

The agonising journey in the former Volterra's asylum, between real history and fiction.

Town of Light has just released on PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC version also getting a significant update. Thus we've taken another look at's psychological thriller.

We were pretty harsh with The Town of Light - the first game developed by the promising Italian indie outfit - when it first came out on PC in February last year. Although we saw excellent qualities inherent in the explorative first-person thriller adventure, the title suffered from significant technical issues, ranging from dramatic frame-rate drops to awful bugs, to the point that on one occasion we were even forced to restart the game. In general, The Town of Light lacked polish, something that heavily contrasted with the detail put into the game's content, where important historical research was conducted with regards to the Italian mental hospitals in the first half of the Twentieth century.

Within a year and a half of its original debut, the psychological thriller is preparing to debut on PS4 and Xbox One for the first time, an occasion that has allowed the studio to fix several key issues that the game had suffered from on PC, and it finally offers to the player an experience that - even on a technical level - is fulfilling and intriguing. Yes, the effort put into this new version of The Town of Light, at least on the PlayStation 4 version we tried and re-played in its entirety, was really scrupulous and attentive, giving the game a new lease of life. Although there are no substantial innovations from a content point of view (the experience is pretty much the same as we played in 2016, although there's a small addition to the story), the visual upgrades made for the console version are impressive.

What left us really surprised is the quality of the lighting effects, which brings the dark and gloomy Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra to life, although the digital reconstruction of the former asylum, which has been in disuse for several years, was already very accurate in the PC version, but thanks to the many visual improvements made, the console version is far more realistic and even more detailed. This isn't only in regards to the lighting effects that pierce through broken windows and collapsed roofs, but the surroundings are also impressively detailed, which does justice to the meticulous work done by the studio in this interesting project.

Losing yourself in the several desolate and ruined rooms of the former asylum of Volterra, accompanied by the dramatic and disturbing memories of Reneé, these improvements bring the experience to a new level. In the version we tried, there were a few pop-ups and frame rate drops during some loading screens, but this was pretty isolated and didn't compromise in any way The Town of Light's experience compared to what happened with the previous PC version.

In this regard and looking back, the original PC release of The Town of Light now feels more like an Early Access version of the game. The incoming console upgrade refreshes and updates the experience, and now it is far more deserving of your attention. Back in February 2016, we recommended that you give The Town of Light a chance, primarily because of the themes it explored and its exciting story, and now that has significantly improved the weaker side of the game, there's even more reason to check out this intriguing and engrossing title.

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The Town of Light
The Town of LightThe Town of Light
The Town of Light