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Angry Birds: Medieval? There's a definite whiff of inspiration here in the latest Kinect offering.

The XBLA title sees you charged with demolishing goblin-infested castles through the careful aiming of a giant slingshot. There's multiple shot types, and points are awarded for effective use of the ballista's firepower.

In a fantasy world that's a few branches removed from the Fable family, fortifications take skilfully-placed hits to make the towers collapse, but success is built round correct use of the special ammunition.

Specials are always activated with the same arm motion after launch (get ready to get some muscles). The Split Shot, for example, divides into four, connected with elasticated bands, distance between each and angle dependent on the position of arms and hands. Power ups and bonuses are strewn between you and the castles, giving you the option of trickier shots for better rewards.

The orgy of destruction is a lot of fun, but the whole thing stands or falls in the truest sense of the word with the implementation of motion control. But the team at Iron Galaxy Studios have done their homework. It is sad that so long after the launch of Kinect even well-made menus are few and far between, but Wreckateer shines in this respect. No motionless waiting for the activation of the buttons - a sweeping motion with one arm and your choice is selected.

The easy of use continues with the actual firing of the ballista. Two lit half-rings below your Avatar's feet indicate the zones for stepping in to grab your shot (step forward, bring arms and hands together), and the pull and angle of the shot (step back and to either side with arms still closed, then throw them out to your sides). It's simple stuff and there's no accidental misfires as a result.